Claims Reporting

Berkley Specialty Environmental clients may send first reports to the email, street address or fax number listed below under claim type. Please note “First Report” on your transmittal. Refer to your insurance policy for claim reporting requirements.

Commercial Automobile Liability

For Information on how to report Automobile Claims, please refer to the information provided within your Insurance Policy. 


Commercial General Liability, Professional Liability Claims


Environmental Claim




​Envioronmental Release Emergency Response - The Berkley Environmental Support Team (BEST)

Environmental spills and releases can be stressful events and so we are pleased to offer our clients this free, value added service through our Berkley Environmental Support Team (BEST).  The service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to assist our customers with their emergency response needs when environmental spills and releases occur.  BEST is a fully staffed call center with the capabilities to assist our clients in locating emergency responders while the event is unfolding.  BEST has established a nationwide network of emergency responders that can be dispatched to our clients's location within 2 hours.  These responders have pre-negotiated rates to help keep your costs down.  Best will even file agency spill notifications on our clients' behalf, ensuring they meet the reporting time lines to help avoid costly fines for timely notifications.  Our customers simply call BEST at 877-900-5645 to report an environmental spill or release.  Our BEST response coordinator will gather all of the pertinent information and introduce a selected contractor into the call.


Reporting a claim:

Reporting a spill or release to the BEST does not satisfy the claim reporting requirements in your policy, nor does it guarantee that the spill or release is covered under your policy.  BEST is not intended to be a substitute for reporting claims as required by the policy terms and conditions.  To report a claim, please refer to the claims reporting provisions outlined in your policy.  Whether or not the spill or release is covered, BEST can help you better control costs associated with the incident.​​

​​​The following industry standard forms are provided for your convenience.​
  • Auto Accident Information Form+ Download .pdf 
  • Auto Loss Notice+ Download .pdf 
  • General Liability Notice of Occurrence / Claim+ Download .pdf 
  • Property Loss Notice+ Download .pdf